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travel site for $1.8 billion. it is their lucky day. >>> let the rationing begin. new york city and long island now imposing alternate day gas rationing, are you kidding me? 11 days after the storm slammed the east coast, giant gas lines continue to plague the region. new york city mayor bloomberg said just this morning only a quarter of the city's gas stations are even open at this point. adam shapiro joins me from a hess station in manhattan. adam, i canot believe we still have this problem. >> yeah, believe it. take a look. i want to show you something live. we'll pan over to the line ofars that have gotten into queue to get gasoline. emergency vehicles andthis verizon truck is getting to cut, because if you're working to restore some infrastructure that got knockedut by the storm they're letting you get in. the line is much better today with even odd rationing. only 30 minute wait. we're at 34th street. we're stretching down to 40th street. it has been that way all day long. ben is my photographer. here is the gas station. people many coming in all day long. tanker trucks bringing ga
frustration is the only thing to be found in some stations. 75 percent of gas stations in new york city are empty. as a result the york city mayor michael bloomberg and officials have decided to start rationing gas, rationing gas in new york city. this is unbelievable. we are 11 days after sandy. i cannot believe this is still going on. stay with us. what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technolo in our store to really you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips. ... now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. at sleep number we've created a collection of innovations dedicated to individualizing your comfort. the sleep number collection, designed around the innovative sleep number bed - a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the exact comfort your body needs. each of your bodies. so whatever you feel like, sleep number's going to provide it
will not win. take my factory, for example, we would make 100% of everything in our inner city location of baltimore and export 36 countries. i compete with germany, complete with canada and mexico. if we are not competitive with germans or canadians, we will lose. that's neither will not be able to hire locals. if my taxes are higher than the canadian factory, we will not win the job. right now i am paying the 40% range. my canadian adversary pays 15%, including health insurance. i give blue cross blue shield to all of my employees for my 40% plus health insurance, so we're at a massive disadvantage against the canadiens. messages advantage against the germans. president obama, if he raises the taxes and the burden on american entrepreneurs and job creators what will happen is we will not be able to be competitive. we will not be able to hire locals. dennis: the question is if any ceo will be impolite enough to tell the president today. what would you tell the president if he were in a meeting today with mark >> american factories for 20% plus differential compared to our rivals. we ta
going into the city, they would be persona nongratta? >> high job was to -- my job w to move line workers, i sent them to pennsylvania where there was no problem, it took about 4 da to rolve the issue, what happened that union guys said, we won't you know make anybody join the union. neil: you know what is weird, i hope this was endemic and systemic, but there are a lot of people hurting, i don't tnk they would care if the help is coming from a union worker or a nonunion worker or maoud ahmadinejad, someone, anyone help us. so, the fact there could have been a pause, because you don't ve a union card, kind of galls me, and i'm sure these people too? >> well, my guess is what happened is that the long eye long power authority has an agreement with the union, that any worker that come there,eed to be paid union wages or something to that nature. neil: no doubt but in times, all betting all rules all traditional ways are haning things should be off. >> shutly. as a rult. i think you know they got called on it and relented and we are a to get our crews in, we have out 129 workers ther
that is not as big again as the decline, but the city is poised for real recovery the same story of recovery is playing out in miami, san francisco, san jose, seattle. big losers staging convincing turnaround. i think this may be the most important story of the year, and not when you're likely to hear much about. the media likes to avoid good news headlines. the headline, if it were written, would be, housing is the best opportunity for americans with ready cash. a strong recovery, lower interest rates, low prices. how you can make out like a bandit. that's a right to it. all-star panel. and michael lawson, research and will -- analyst. welcome all. we will start with you. what do you make of this market -- market? bumping along the bottom? what is going on to mac. >> beyond. this recovery is for real, and that think it's going to surprise on the upside with its vigor. there are all the signs of positive. inventories are down to six months. housing prices are up in all metropolitan areas, and the best thing is that supply is receding. pent-up demand is coming back. gerri: i like the sound of
. connell: president obama is about to or arrive in new york city, he will be toward the area hardest hit by hurricane sandy and all the pictures for for use throughout the day and when the president arrives, five our energy, the founder is here and questions brought up and reports linking of a product to the number of deaths. the founder of the company gets a chance to respond coming up this hour. you don't want to miss that. let's take a look at the winners today on the s&p 500. >> announcer: you never know when, buthieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock to relentlessly protect what matters most... [beeping...] helping stop crooks before your identity is attacked. and now you can have the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today... lifelock ultimate. s
city councilman from coney island. thanks for joining us on the phone. we were just reporting on and hearing about the fact that fema is running out of money. what does that mean to you? >> well, if is a big problem here on coney island and seagate and brighton beach. homes have been washed away. people have been displaced. they lost their whole life. fema will have to decide what they have to do. congress will have to come together with the senate and allocate more money. in new york city i'm also the finance chairman of the new york city council and just this week we allocated $500 million, 300 million for health an hospitals corporation and 200 million for schools construction authority so we can rebuild our schools and the hospitals that have been displaced. bellview and cone any island. melissa: do you think it makes sense to rebuild in the same spot? that was sort of the theme of the segment that we did before you? we're talking about the fact that federal tax dollars will have to come in and you know, replace what has been devastated there you about in the future do you
for people acting on it, but thanks a lot, good to see you. new york, new york city and long island rationing gasoline. right here in the northeast drivers want to know when this madness will end. a live report on that. and the move to legalize pot, colorado and washington opened up new money for the tourism industry. we will get into that. "markets now," let's take a look at one of the big markets we're always monitoring. crude oil, mid-80s, stocks are coming back a little bit after that. and we will be coming back a little bit on "markets now." looking for a better place to put your ca? here's one you may not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash bk into your fidelity account. open a fidelity cash management account today and discover another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. connell: breaking news as we come bac
response to the storm. so could new york city have been better prepared? we have invited them on our show and they declined. here the way and is chairman of the oversight committee in new york on long island. and congressman bob turner representing the borough of queens and brooklyn. and the manhattan institute scholar who has been studying this issue. matthew, i'm going to start with you. you are right in the crosshairs of what is going on here. we just announced breaking news tonight. the new york attorney general going to be launching an investigation. do you think that will have that effect? >> it is no surprise. i don't think it will uncover anything that is earth shattering. i think we pretty much know what occurred. i have seen many documents before leaving up to this. in fact, that was part of my morning several years ago that we were unprepared for a major storm such as this. >> and that was confirmed by a separate psc order he might come as much am i want to turn to you. you lost your house in the storm. i think a lot of people don't realize what a mess it is here in the new yor
? >> they're really powerless. the city of orlando is not in a position legally to do anything and even the state of florida's own laws would say that they're not, there is no price-gouging that occurs because the state law is so weak, price-gouging can only occur if the governor declare as state of emergency. so given the absence of that there is no price gouging. there is nothing that can be prosecuted. the other problem with the florida law, even when there is a state of emergency, the law doesn't define, it doesn't quantify what price-gouging is or isn't. it just says when the price of a commodity grossly exceeds the average price for the 30-days prior to when the declaration of an emergency is made. it is too vague. it is pointless. melissa: this goes on all over the place, right? this is an extreme example which is why we brought it up. we're talking about it to everyone because this happens in other places right? where are you likely to see something like this going on? >> well you're probably most likely to see this in vacation destinations but this particular retailer is by far
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. lori: why does ihg want to sell the property? it is new york city and a flagship. >> it is a flagship, goes back to our strategy when we became a stand-alone company in 2002 we took a position we wanted to go asset light strategy. that asset light meant selling down assets. we're going about that and returning to shareholders those proceeds. in fact we returned over a billion dollars this year. on the back of $9 billion in total we returned to shareholders. lori: i understand ihg is hiring 0,000 workers in the americas alone? >> travel is economic development which is good news about the industry. and part of that is we're doing our best to do our fair share, create careers, create jobs, educate a work foss. part of that is creation of jobs. we have the opportunity to continue to see a very strong pipeline and with that comes jobs. lori: what is the number one thing as we close out here, kirk, that your customers look for in their hotel rooms? what is the most important thing to offer? >> i think the most important thing to offer is no surprise. you know, it is all about the promise w
argument. i work with inner city kids. we haven't failed completely. but in the inner we are using minority kid toz drop outs. i started my own programn ber mud a. the time you lose them. it is it time what they get outf school and latch key moms get home and during summer. by shorterning that we'll stick more people out. >> tracey, let me take this to you. other states, i mean it could happen in new jersey or new york or arizona, should we this idea be expanded and do it nation wide? >> two sepate store stores, i understand yawn thon's point to fix the crick lim. >> that is not my point. >> it is your point. johnathon did you go to public school? did you go to public school. did you go? >> i went to public school. it makes no difference. >> you are successful and you are an example of the american public school s system, johnathon. you can't say it is it a mess. some of it is darn good. >> you and john present a false choice. raise taxes or all kids are savages. >> that is not a false choice. wait a minute. you interrupted everybody. you irptrupted every person on the show like a one man b
it at a million rather than going down to 200. gerri: because he is in new york city were a lot of people make 250,000. >> you are not rich. you don't feel rich. and the irony is, you listen to joe biden and barack obama talk about it, and it sounds like they're only taxing millionaires and billionaires because their the only people they ever invoke, but what bill was talking about is more a zesty debate within the right about the sort of things without the debate being shut down automatically at. now, if he's talking about raising rates on millionaires, i think that really is bad for the tax system. as we were discussing earlier, the parameters of the deal, you will probably get more revenues and will come from the top. gerri: revenues don't come from taxing the wealthy. you don't get enough revenue to make a difference to the deficit or debt. i want to talk to you about patty murray in the senate he said, was distraught over the fiscal cliff. >> we can to accept an unfair deal that tells all of this on the middle-class and tells them they have to support it. we have to make sure that the wealthi
it comes to managing your money. gerri: today was the first day of gasoline rationing in new york city and long island all because of hurricane sandy. gas rationing. drivers can only fill up every other day were put into place to stop the panic buying and it is borderline anarchy that was going on. long lines that took effect. you see a lot of calves in the line as well. governor andrew cuomo says it could top $50 billion and it would make it that second costliest storm behind hurricane katrina seven years ago. president obama is scheduled to visit the new york area next thursday to see the recovery operation firsthand. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again. and expecting different results. so how does this apply to obama's next four years in office? the green companies backed by your taxpayer dollars? they just grow and grow. many of them are hemorrhaging cash by the day. others have gone bankrupt altogether. our next guest is you can expect nothing but the same under this administration. a seor fellow joins us now. robert, always a pleasure t
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analyst joins me now. how serious is the black market? >> in your city the five boroughs only one-fourth of the stations have gas. more stations regionally do but t is hard hit here in w york city. people trying to sell gasoline as much as $70 a gallon. gerri: $12 a gallon, 13, $20 on craig's list. people will o almost anhing they can. what are you seeing? >> we have seen so many different things. people are starting to do it. folks are getting desperate but there is gasoline and more justifiable prices pocket. gerri: help-wanted. 1 gallon of gas delivered to me so i can make it hohome. i will pay $40. should officials step in? should the market the forced out? >> we saw katrina where officials did crackdown to deliver generators. but it will be difficult for officials to do all lot about thes the deals are thrugh e-mail it is the free market is somebody is willing to spend $40 it is the free-market. gerri: look at the map of s prices. what it do see coming? >> for the country they ll go down. here they are going up in the northeast but even regionally prices will start to go down
york city, a sign hanging on an office door infuriating victims ever sandy who say they're the ones hung out to dry. and fema says it made the move because of conditions were unsaffe. no power, no heat, no water, no help, no way. now some lawmakers want billions more for fema? some here on the panel to say no way. ben stein, charles payne, gerri willis along with adam lashinsky, and saying give them 15 billion more. >> 14 billion more, but not to fema, it's the wrong place to put it. it's a mess and owes 18 billion dollars from hurricane katrina. i mean, this is an agency that cannot manage itself. the inspector general wrote a long report last year saying the agency is mismanaged, it doesn't have systems in place that can talk to states. they can't talk to each other, they don't have the right computers in place and let me tell you, they are maning more disasters all the time. president obama has called more disasters than any other president in the last 20 years. fema is not the organization. give it to the local states, they're the people who can make these decisions and spend th
. this guy had been with new york city emergency management services for two decades, making 153 rand per year. i want to draw attention to these signs that had been put up . these yellow signs simply mean that there is some sort of damage. it is to be fixed. some sort of injury limitation that would be specified. if there is a red sticker on the door, that means you cannot coincide. you cannot even get into your own home, which has been a hard thing for some people because they feel like they have nowhere to go. i am joined by loretta. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you say you are concerned about your grandchildren. >> i have to. i have natural flooding in front of my house. worried about years ago with the insects. now i have to worry about the sewage cannot about them playing inside. i always catch the water because we are low. connell: adelle want the kids to be playing out there today. that is another thing. people were coming in to take pictures. all sorts of then -- nastiness, twisted metal. you cannot even see it because of the snow. connell: a tough situation for a lot
points. >>> for the first time since the 1970s new york city begins rationing gasoline today. it is using odd even system for the license plate just like new jersey. the gas crisis caused by hurricane closed hundreds of gas stations, caused long lines waiting to fill up. a rather small drop in gas prices overnight. the national average for a gallon of regular, 3.45. diesel still right there at $4.01 a gallon. tell you what we have got coming up. no stopping obamacare. four more years of president obama means states have eight days to decide how to implement the new law. new at 10:00, dr. marc siegel tells us exactly what that means for you and your health because obamacare is definitely coming. back to sandra. what's with jcpenney. down again? >> apparently the turnaround plan is not working for ron johnson at jcpenney. this is one of the biggest losers. top loser in the s&p 500 down more than 7% stu, in today's session. same-store sales at the department store chain in the third quarter, down 26%. that was a much bigger drop than analysts had been expecting. revenues for the quarter also
priced. city and bank of america are speculative deals below but nobody wants to go there. the key thing is they're going to barely be doing double-digit return on equity. when you factor that into the evaluation estimate, that is about right. melissa: anything change your mind? >> if we got a huge amount of investment banking revenue for morgan stanley, city, if housing suddenly came back, one reason the sell-off occurred is the street understands barack obama and the current cats in washington won't do anything about residential housing and what they're doing a negative. dodd-frank ripped the guts out of the nonbank mortgage origination sector. all we have left other banks. melissa: don't realize they are discouraging lending. >> in six months the congress is going to hear such screens of unhappiness from realtors and everybody else in the housing industry in that they have to revisit these issues and forget about partisan at that point. even liz warren may have to reconsider -- [talking over each other] >> we will have some bar growth and you can expect multiples for large cap financi
new york city's mayor to call upon the national guard for help. liz macdonald is joining us live from belle harbor all day with the very latest. this is an area hit very hard. liz, what is the latest? >> that's right, david and sandra. the national guard was taking along with paramedics doing door-to-door search and rescue operation to pull people out of theirs homes because the temperature is dropping. we see st. francis of sale and church grammar school. up to 10,000 people a day are getting relief from this volunteer grassroots disaster relief operation. they're getting food and coats. i seen children without shoes on. a guy showed up with his two yearly daughter with bronchitis, he didn't want to go back to his house without power and heat. we're seeing lines continue throughout the day. i have got a treat for you, david, and i got a treat for you, sandy. david's son is in the marines. sandra i think your grandfather is an admiral. we have a operation called team rubicon, they basically organized, they're the first responder group that organized first-responders. ford and pete, te
york city to central jersey, now across parts of connecticut, i think it will weaken about 4 hours or so of snow across nrthern parts of jersey, the timeline, moving forward to about:00 a.m., we see is begin to bind wind down or begun for much of jersey. the wind will ease quickly, a lot of people who are flying tomorrow, may be able to flying and the relief efforts will be able to continue torrow, those people who have been without power for so long will not have as much wind to deal with. but it will be a cold one, maybe about an inch or so more accumulating in new york city, by the time ts is done. a bullseye of 5 or 6 inches, we had a place in connecticut with between ache 6 to 8 inches of s, temperatures in 30s right now, tomorrow, a very cold day for everyone, there is one little bit of bright news, that is the temps will warm up behind this. by sunday, i think a lot will see 60-degree readings. neil: in the meantime, you are trying to get us sick as well with up and down, and up and down. >> you got it. neil: to other storm, financial storm, stocks swooning, a huge day drop
. gas rationing is imposed in new york city, i don't like that as well as long island. cars with license plates ending with odd number can buy gas on odd numbered days. even numbered license plates on even numbered days. mine ends with a letter. i'm going to the front of the line. the move is designed to relief crippling shortages. new jersey imposed a gas rationing system last week. went over like a lead balloon. >>> bp lawyers and gulf oil victims asked a judge to approve a $7.8 billion settlement. it would be used to resolve damage claims and individuals affected by the 2010 disaster. >> next on "money", ceo's extend an olive branch to president obama. it may be too soon to tell if they can finally come together to revive the economy. we'll get insight from our panel of business chiefs. sure there may be a few things getting you down. i mean, you know, there is the fiscal cliff looming, political gridlock is running rampant but we've got four ways to keep your pockets flush with cash regardless what's ahead. more "money" coming up, we promise. ♪ ♪ . melissa: so only been two days
dividend. those things sound good. stuart: governor cuomo of new york and mayor bloomberg of new york city both say all these storms other results of climate change and i am personally absolutely convinced that whole food shoppers agree with them. >> i would say whole food shoppers are probably in line, who knows? whole foods open around to go there twice. [talking over each other] stuart: your time is up. dow jones industrial average up three points in the early going. actress and the ten days ago, back in the dark. a nor'easter swept across the tristate region last night. heavy rain, wind, snow, several inches, a foot at the shore, the area knocking out power for 130,000 more people. that is the result of the latest storm. 130,000. bring in the grand total, sandy plus the latest storm and you have 700,000 households without power. that will lead economic impact across the nation. back to the big story. tax hikes. i think they are on the way. spending cuts, maybe. all of this the battle over the fiscal cliff. joining us is arch laugher, former advisor to president reagan and a valued gues
of kuwait city. the celebration lasted an honor in honor of their golden jubilee. 50 years today, they became the first arab state to institute a constitution and parliament. that is something to celebrate. it will go in the "guinness book of world records" as largest fireworks display. they are a showoff. melissa: my children would have been terrified. lori: on videotape for posterity. a display like that in this country, a lot of people would be offended. >> not welcome. coming up tonight on "money", former senator evan bayh joins me to discuss if anyone will compromise in congress to deal with the fiscal cliff at 5:00 p.m. eastern here on fox business. even more importantly we have, -- lori rothman on "money.". lori: knew you would say that. melissa: she grave me actually five bucks but don't tell anyone. lori: they said i could talk to you about your book some more. melissa: how nice. lori: so i couldn't resist. tell you it needed more scandal, more gossip. it is a fantastic and fast read. can't wait to tell more about it, with dennis kneale our other partner in crime. >>> jp
. stuart: rich edson thank you very much. the los angeles city council passed a new regulation meet this monday in a unanimous 12 to 0 vote. the city council approved a resolution that encourages l.a. residents to not eat meat one day out of the week. this comes as an attempt to cut back on meat for health and environmental reasons. now they are flat out broke and they want to change our lifestyle in los angeles. you're shaking your head? david: because, you know, i'm so sick of liberals who claim they are working on our behalf when in fact they're doing exactly the opposite of what we want. i am the best judge of what i want. not some idiot bureaucrat sitting down at city hall or in the statehouse or in the white house. i'm the best judge of what i want. it makes me furious -- it makes me furious that these people want to take over what i want. they want to program it according to what they think is right what they think is proper and i'm fed up with it. absolutely fed up. stuart: charles? charles: by the way, california, america, the world, i mean really. they think there's maybe
component to some of the issues in terms of getting gasoline to new york city and other areas has really reconciled itself. if you want to take a look at crude in general, the energy space in general, net, net, there will be some problems the next 4 to 6 weeks. i tend to be bearish the s&p right now. cheryl: it's going to be a very interesting trading week. gentlemen, thanks to all of you. appreciate it. thanks for joining us on this veteran's day. >>> my next guest is helping his clients balance portfolios in what he says is a very uncertain time. personal wealth advisors chairman is now here in a fox business exclusive. volatility, tim, it is all about volatility. you say get ready for the ride. >> i do. for a number of reasons, first we're now about to go through hopefully budget and deficit and fiscal cliff discussion which means anticipating how that might go knowing the tax rates are going up effective january 1st will cause many investors and business owners to be uncertain as they plan their future business plans going into 2013 and 14. cheryl: are you likening the pending fiscal
's responsibility is to support the townships and counties and local cities and the governor's emergency operations team to supplying complete all the missions that they cannot do themselves. that is eir number one role. my complaint all through the years is where is fema? raising expectations that fema will come in and solve everyone's woes. that is not the purpose of fema. the one you hit it on the head there, joe, in retrospect, the president was getting very high marks for addressing things. in retrospect, we were covering this before the election. it still wasn't going so dandy, but leaving that aside, i'm beginning to wonder the simple wisdom of those who are in the middle of the power blackout in their cellphones cell phones are down and those people patting themselves on the backs texting and e-mailing people what to do. >> when you don't have power in your out of phone service -- well, you might try something else. because that's not working. >> we are in the middle of the response phase of this disaster. not discounting the nor'easter became the return hurricane sandy. the recovery part h
for the state of new jersey. it is over. it continues in new york city and on long island. that is at least for the time being. long island power authority and its partner national grid are facing a class-action lawsuit. thousands of residents are still without power there. to nassau county customers, the first plaintiff's to jjin the lawsuit. they are siding fraud, gross negligence -- couple more than doubled the number two on this list which is tiffany. michael cores, and lulu lemon were in the top five. how about this, more women have drivers license in the united states than men. the women are also safer drivers. males with drivers licenses dropping almost 11% versus 5%. this is from a study at the university of michigan. they also found women more likely to purchase paper more fuel efficient vehicles than men. women are safer drivers than men. dagen: of the guys on the set that are shaking their heads at me are going to get a booth on the backside. i am bad. you read that. better, safer. connell: sandra smith is a wonderful driver. dagen: better then all you, guys. [ laughter ] sandra:
around parts of staten island, as we flew over parts of, other parts of the city and the region that had been impacted there's still a lot of cleanup to do. people still need emergency help. they still need heat. they still need power. they still need food. they still need shelter. kids are still trying to figure out where they're going to go to school. so there's a lot of short-term immediate stuff that has to be dealt with and going to make sure we stay here as long as people need that immediate help. that's fema's primary task. we'll be coordinating closely with state and local governments to make sure folks are getting the short-term help but what we also argued there will be some long-term building that is required. you look at this block and you know that this is a community that is deeply rooted. most of the folks that i met here have been here 20, 30, 50 years. they don't want to see their community uprooted but there's got to be a plan for rebuilding. and that plan is going to have to be coordinated and they are going to need resources. so what i have committed to doing is work
can you run out of polls? >> reporter: in new york city gas rationing began. cars with even numbered plates philip but even numbered days. cars without number plates pull upon not numbers days in an effort to ease long lines and short tempers. >> i think that makes sense. it will ease up. you will have this long line. people trying to, you know, fight for gas. >> reporter: housing is another growing concern. fema trying to provide temporary shelter for 95,000 people. >> you know, you wake up and you're okay and in the second it hits you all this happened and you don't have a place of your own any more. it's pretty devastating. and you think it's never going to be you and then it is. >> reporter: one thing there seems to be plenty of, generosity. a train filled with supplies is on its way from louisiana to the jersey tonight backed by a community that knows something about weather in mother nature's worst. >> of the images of new jersey, we are making them feel, everyone wanted to do something. they started organizing and effort on facebook. >> reporter: the donations are appreciated,
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